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Frequently Asked Questions

1How do you remove my tree stump?
No More Stumps are qualified specialists in tree stump removal. A machine called a stump grinder is used. The machines are tracked, therefore are very easy to manoeuvre, leaving no damage to lawns. The stump grinder has a cutter wheel that spins, this will then grind your tree stump into mulch/wood chippings. The whole stump and any roots will be completely destroyed, leaving the area ready to be used as you wish, right away.
2How will you give me a quote over the telephone?
No More Stumps price their jobs on the size of the stump that needs removing. To get the most accurate quote we recommend you measure your stump at ground level across the widest part of the stump.
3I'm not sure my garden gate is big enough to get your machine through it?
Access is never a problem for No More Stumps, they have several machines that can be used. The larger machines need a minimum of 26.5inches width to gain access to the area required. They also have a machine which is 'handheld' therefore this can be carried through a house or over walls, if there is limited access.
4What happens to the chippings left over from the stump?
The chippings from your stump will be left in a tidy pile, filling the hole where your tree stump was. These chippings can also be utilised around the garden as you wish.
5What happens if my stump is touching a wall/house?
No More Stumps versatile equipment is able to get within millimetres of any obstacles, removing the stump completely with no structural damage.

About us

No More Stumps offers a range of tree stump removal services including large stump grinding and narrow access stump grinding. Our top of the range stump grinder can make short work of that unsightly, inconveniently located, difficult to remove tree stump - no matter the size!

We aim to provide an efficient, quality service and are extremely proud of the fact that a large proportion of our business comes from satisfied repeat customers and personal referrals.

We are fully insured for your peace of mind and you'll find our prices are both competitive and affordable. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with our quality stump removal services

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